Trekking Winter Expedition 2 – Yunnan, China


Winter Expedition 2013 Yunnan, China 7th December 2013 – 20th December 2013 (written by Lee Ween Jiann, Marketing IC) It is a first in SMUX Trekking to have 2 concurrent winter expeditions and so we had a choice between this and the Hong Kong trek. To me, it was pretty obvious; I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful scenery and landscape …

SMUXTrekking Winter Expedition 2 – Yunnan, China

Hotwheels 2013

Written by: Koh Kang Liang Wheels – a mode of transport and a platform for adventure. Combining these paradigms for the notion of travelling on wheels, a total of 40 SMUXies left Singapore on bicycles – one of the most basic two-wheeled vehicles, for Permas Jaya, Johor, Malaysia, on Monday 7 October 2013. Reaching Kranji MRT station as early as …

SMUXHotwheels 2013

Frolic on Ice 2013


Written by: Koh Xiaowei Following last year’s resounding success, SMUX Skating Team held Frolic On Ice again this year on 9th October 2013 at The Rink @ JCube. The rink was exclusively booked for 2 hours for participants so that they could experience the joys of ice-skating without members of the public. The response was overwhelming! Additionally, exciting mini games such …

SMUXFrolic on Ice 2013

SMUX Biking Amazing Race Ubin 2013


Written by: Elenna Amin This was the very first time SMUX Biking decided to hold an AMAZING RACE in Pulau Ubin! Traditionally, Biking always had an Introduction to Off-road Biking. However, this time, we decided to combine a little bit of off-road with something more fun yet have a chill time. Hence, the idea of an Amazing Race was born! The …

SMUXSMUX Biking Amazing Race Ubin 2013

Skate Clinic II’ 2013


Written by: Koh Xiao Wei Skate Clinic II 2013 was held in the first week of September. It was aimed at allowing freshmen to learn skating in a safe and fun environment. The event attracted over 60 participants, with alumni and seniors making an appearance to perform skate slaloms and slides, putting on a great show for the freshmen. OIC Guanwen and Renne, Admin …

SMUXSkate Clinic II’ 2013

Summer Trek to Stok Krangi, Leh, Ladakh, India


Written by: Emile Law The 7th Trekking Exco decided to push limits by embarking on a high altitude adventure by planning a trip to climb Stok Krangi in India. Stok Krangi is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the northwestern most state of India. Standing at 6153m, it is the highest peak in the Stok region of the …

SMUXSummer Trek to Stok Krangi, Leh, Ladakh, India

Island Escapade 2013


Written by: Lim Khoon Beng Hey guys! We know that Island Escapade was some time back but here is a big thank you for all the participants who braved the crazy weather with us on that Sunday. I remember that the morning of the 15th September was a dreary one with the overcast skies looming above us. I guess one thing …

SMUXIsland Escapade 2013

Biking through Thailand!


Written by Ching Pu Hwai July 27 – August 5 2013 Bangkok is probably the region’s best shopping destination. Phuket is well-known as a tourist hot spot. In between these 2 cities is over 800km of road, passing through many towns, beaches and hills. 8 of us took this journey, between Bangkok and Phuket, filled with beautiful scenery and cheap …

SMUXBiking through Thailand!

Xseed Combined Camp 2013

XSeed Combine Camp. Extracted from Wikipedia: “Traditionally, a group of XSeeders are thrown onto a mysterious island filled with hazardous terrains and poisonous species of life. They have to go through a series of tests over a timeless void in order to survive. 19 brave souls ventured during the summer of 2013. The place is Phuket, Thailand. History was made …

SMUXXseed Combined Camp 2013