The Management Committee of SMUXtremists Club, or better known as the SMUX Crew, is responsible for the day-to-day operations and organization of events to foster a passion for the outdoors in SMU. Leading an umbrella of six teams under our purview, we come together to challenge our mental boundaries, grow in strength and develop an unyielding adventure spirit.
Through new initiatives and constant improvements, the 13th SMUX Crew provides numerous opportunities for the SMU community to experience adventure, fun, family.
-Make the boundaries fall, and let the growth begin-

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What is SMUX?

SMU Xtremists (SMUX) is the Constituent Student Body (CBd) that represents and serves as the outdoor adventure arm of Singapore Management University (SMU). Currently, SMUX consists of 6 teams – Biking, Diving, Kayaking, Trekking, Skating and Xseed. In addition to our team events and expeditions, you can also look out for the signature events that SMUX organise each year,which are SMU AdRace, SMUX Camp and Nitebike!

Since our establishment in 2000, we have organized numerous exciting land-based and sea-based activities and adventure courses to provide outdoor enthusiasts the opportunities to equip themselves with relevant skills and experiences. This include mountain biking, road and leisure cycling outings, diving trips with amazing underwater views, exploratory kayaking expeditions to the Southern Islands of Singapore, conquering new heights on overseas trekking expeditions and even cable-skiing, zip-lining, much more than what you can ever imagine!

We aim to reach out and promote outdoor adventure learning for the student population to achieve greater personal development and a more vibrant school life. As an established and respectable club within the SMU community, SMUX is managed by a dedicated Crew of 14 committee members with more than 1200-strong membership base, being the most popular and active Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Club in SMU.

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SMUX Teams

SMUX consists of 6 adventure teams which hold activities and expeditions all year round! 
Join our weekly sessions with our SMUX Teams! 

-Trekking: Trek Runs Wed 7pm-9pm

-Diving: Wockey Sessions Fri 2-4pm

1)Skating Practices Fri 4.30-7pm
2)Outdoor Urban Sessions Fri 7pm till late

-Kayaking: Paddle Sessions Sat/Sun 9.30am

-Biking: Weekend Rides Sat/Sun 8am

-SMUX Xseed: Special events coming soon!

All is welcomed, no experience and commitment required :)
To find out more about each SMUX Team, click here

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